Main activities

The main activities of the Institute are always connected with the progress of aerial, rocket and space system engineering. Scientific research developments of the Institute, ensuring creation of parachute systems of various purposes, which meet the most diverse requirements, significantly aided in achievement of great speeds, heights and flight ranges of airplanes and rockets. During years of the Insitute existence the parachute systems have undergone deep quality changes, area of their application has expanded significantly. In the present time they are used for recovery of crews of various aircrafts, deceleration of the airplanes during landing, pulling them out of the spin, landing of the unmanned aircrafts, drop of the military elements and combat equipment from the airplanes, descent and safe landing of the missiles’ parts, boost-glide aircrafts and artificial Earth satellites, for aerial bombs and artillery ordnance of various purpose, descent of hardware of automatic balloons, descent of space vehicles of various purpose, including to other planets’ surface, for surfacing of the submariners, for sport and other purposes.
Joint stock company "Scientific and research institute of parachute design and production" (JSC "NII parachutostroyeniya")
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