The leader of Russian parachute design and production

Institute buildingThe Federal State Unitary Enterprise “NII Parachutostroeniya” (Scientific Research Institute of Parachute Design and Production) was founded in 1946 for development of the engineering samples of paraborne techniques and equipment, and to carry out scientific research in this area. Originally the Institute was known as Scientific Research Developmental Institute of the Paraborne Equipment (“NIEI PDS”).
The Institute primary activities go hand in hand with progress of aeronautical engineering, rocket and space technology. The Institute carries out basic and applied research of parachute equipment, development and manufacturing of all kinds of the parachutes for both Russian and foreign customers, complex ground and flight testing of parachute systems, development of technical documentation and its delivery to series-produced factories.
For ever more semicentennial history more than five thousand of items of various purpose have been developed by the Institute. Among them there are parachute systems for piloted and unmanned space vehicles (“Soyuz”, “Progress”, “Proton”, “Bion”, “Almaz”), for unmanned far space crafts (series “Venera”, “Vega”, “Mars”, “Zond”, “Luna”), parachute systems for recovery of rocket boosters with mass up to 70 tons, parachute systems for ordnance: bombs, shell, torpedoes, including supersonic ones. For the aviation the brake landing and emergency parachute systems have been developed for all airplane types, including fifth generation aviation complex.
The Institute performs active work on retrofitting of Russian Airborne troops with the newest paraborne equipment. The high-reliable cluster cargo parachute systems of the new generation have been created for means of paradrop of cargo and military weaponry, also with crew, in particular for combat vehicle of airborne troops BMD-4 and self-propelled artillery weapon “Sprut-SD”. The paratrooper parachute system D-10 has been developed for troops paradrop.
The Insitute is well-known abroad by its works both in space equipment field and in military technical cooperation. In European rocket launcher “Arian 5” the parachute system for recovery of boosters with mass of 40 tons is used, it was developed by the Institute in 1990-s. The prototype of platform means of paradrop of heavy equipment with flight mass up to 20 tons with usage of cluster parachute system has been developed and supplied for Ministry of Defence of France.
The Insitute has research and engineering divisions, manufacturing capacities and unique test base. Flight test complex in Kirzhach town, Vladimir region, has developed infrastructure and runway able to receive aircrafts with mass up to 200 tons (Il-76 type). The complex has unique test base for performing of wide range of the researches, necessary during parachute system design. This test base includes aeroballistic stand which doesn’t have analogues in Russia.
The Insitute possesses a total complex of unique analytical and calculation-and-experimental procedures for performing theoretical and experimental works in parachute design area. Those procedures provide carrying the scientific researches and a solution of the whole task complex, precisely: aerodynamics and strength analysis, ballistics and dynamics, selection of the system configuration, preliminary design, optimization study, and others. The procedures unicity lies in the fact that most of them have been developed on the basis of theoretical synthesis of the persistent parachute systems research, e.g. the parachute opening exploratory procedure. The scientific activities and parachute systems development are conducted with use of the present-day computer technology and techniques of the parachute operation mathematical modeling. Alongside with the conventional software, there are created and imbedded in the Institute the in-house unique computer programs for investigation of the parachute canopy shaping process, the parachute stress-strain state, the parachute aerodynamics and aeroelasticity. Realization of the computer technology and mathematical modeling techniques is in full provided with up-to-date computers.
The Insitute’ products are in demand in air forces and experimental aviation, in unmanned aviation, in piloted and unmanned cosmonautics, in military space forces and scientific research cosmonautics, in airborne troops and Ministry of Emergency, in the Naval fleet.
There is formed a professional crew of scientists, designers, test persons, manufacturing engineers and production workers in the Institute, that solves all the tasks in the parachute design and production area (researches, design, development, manufacturing and tests). All this allows the Institute to be one of the leaders of the world parachute design and production.
Joint stock company "Scientific and research institute of parachute design and production" (JSC "NII parachutostroyeniya")
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