Flight test complex

The Institute’s flight-test complex is an exclusive in Russia, unique specialized organizational unit which provides near 85% scope of the parachute equipment flight work-out.
The flight complex comprises an airfield with a well-developed infrastructure and stand base. The airfield has a primary runway of 250x100m and reserve strip of 2000x100m. The airfield allows to perform takeoff and landing operations at daytime for various types of helicopters and aircraft which performance allows to carry out the launch and landing at natural ground airfields. The airfield is equipped with modern systems for measuring all characteristics of the aerial delivery means required for carrying out research activities, testing and other works on the Institute themes.
The Institute’s stand base represents a joint ground test processing chain, that provides a wide range of research activity and other works related to development, verification and testing of the parachute systems and components. Furthermore, the test-bed base provides the whole range of assembly operations and activities on the object preparation for flight tests, as well as the parachute system troubleshooting after the flight tests. The test-bed base is equipped with an information and measuring systems service providing the collection and processing of the test information. The test-bed base researches allow to determine the parachute system parameters and characteristics under ground conditions and to reduce the volume expensive flight tests essentially. The test-bed base is equipped with wind tunnels, unique apparatuses and a number of various test benches for aeroballistic, static, drop-hammer, hydrodynamic tests and others.
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